The Domm/Wolff War (A.K.A. The Unity War, The Dividend War, The Last Great War, The War of Ages) is considered to be the most influential war in all of the history of the Nethereigons. It lasted Seven years, and had a casualty toll of over two million.

It was most prominently influential to the Nethereigons, but other continents were thrust into a massive economic depression because of the war, and it's beggining was considered the start of a new age by the large majority of rulers all across the continents, Replacing the Nuella Callendar with the Domm/Wolff Callender.

Origin of the Domm/Wolff War

The Domm/Wolff Was the result of hundreds of years of political tension between the two prominient ruling powers of the Nethereigons, the Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons and The Southern Dividend of the Nethereigons, Led By Greggor Domm and Heth Wolff Respectively.

From an economical point of view, the two dividends had been at odds from their very foundation, but the Domm family line also held a certain enmity to the Wolff line, mostly credited to a 'Lack of Loyalty' to the Recador Line, who discovered the continent of the Nethereigons as well as the Wolff line's aggresive ruling style of the Southern Colonies of the Nethereigons, which caused the Dividend Dispute in the first place.

The beggining of the war, however, was the result of well-intentioned negotiations from Rane Province, who wished to succede to the Northern Dividend in 5BDW. When faced with Rane's proposal, Heth Wolff immediately denied the request, and placed many militant and government controls in Rane to maintain the southern monopoly on the border province.

After two years of increased supervision, Rane hired Uleri EIlsied secretly to seek counsel with Greggor Domm in the north. Ellsied returned two months later with news that Domm planned to negotiate with Wolff, but could not promise that Rane would recieve independance from the Southern Dividend.

The three years that followed were filled with various attempts to make peacable agreements with Wolff, but most of Domm's attempts were utterly ignored. Eventually, Domm found two of his subjects who had good relations with Wolff, and had trained under him personally: Tomithy Ellison XVII and Corbono Des'Pain. He sent them on a routine diplomacy mission in late 1BDW.

On their way to negotiate, Ellison and DeSpain were ambushed by Trens Province Assasins on the Trens-Wolff Borderline. Captured by Wolff, the two nonetheless found a friend, Nikk' Vuahn in Wolff Manor, and, after he had heard of Wolff's betrayal, he sent a secret message to Domm, whom sent forces to Wolff to recover Ellison and Des'Pain. Vuahn Defected to the Northern Dividend and fled with Domm's rescue force.