Erise Recador (Born Dutchess Erise Traii) (3,160BDW-3,110BDW) was the wife of Grenngog Recador. She died delivering their son, Gerard Recador, in 3,110BDW

Early Life

Born in to the Royal Traii Family, Erise was raised as royalty. She was, however, disowned after marrying Grenngog Recador, who belonged to a Rivaling family line.

After marrying, she departed to the newly founded continent of the Nethereigons with her husband.

She helped to advise her husband as one of the rulers of the northeastern reigon in which they lived (Now known as Grenngog Province).

She died in childbirth in 3,110BDW, delivering her first and only child, Gerard Recador.