Grenggog Recador (3,169BDW-3,098BDW) was the legendary explorer largely accredited for having discovered the Nethereigons in 3,135BDW

Early Life

Grenggog Recador was born in Sulvian Province, Nullia, in 3,098BDW to Duke Rechane Recador and his wife, Nuvious Recador.

He spent his first three years at home, but like all Nullian children at the time, Departed into a public school from ages 4-20. After graduating from a very basic education, He used some of his father's money to purchase a small fleet of ships from Hulin Shipyards in Regala Province, Nullia.

He had been fascinated from a young age in the prospect of exploration, and hired many ship captains to sail his boats through unknown waters, discovering over time many small islands.

While his men were at see, Grenggog married Dutchess Erise Traii.

At age 34, Grenggog himself departed on what he called 'The Voyage of Tommorow" Where, after two months of traveling, he hit land on the shores of modern day Rendera Province, Nethereigons.

Settlement of the Nethereigons

Upon returning to Nullia with news of the newly discovered continent, Recador hired many of Nullia's finest statesmen to come and settle the lands he had discovered. Most notably, these statesmen include Runo Wolff, Wiquens Domm, Resse Surna and his cousin, Gaias Surna, and Golin Uliah.

When he and his hired government arrived, he gave some of the northern territories to Wiquens Domm and Golin Uliah, while sending some hired captains as well as the Surna cousins and Runo Wolff to colonize the southern part of the continent. Recador himself settled in the reigon that Wiquens Domm governed, later to be called Grenggog Province in his honor.

His son, Gerard Recador, was born in 3,110BDW. Eriese died in childbirth.

Recador died relatively young after having contracted Srenns Syndrome from the cold climate of Grenngog.