Illease Jrunn (782BDW-698BDW) was a Nullian Official and Port Master of Jur'e Docks on the Northern Nullia Coastline. He is best remembered for his role in vanquishing the famous bandit, The Scarlet Thief, while he was stationed in Jur'e.

Early Life

Born to Lode'a Jrunn and Ulure Jrunn in 782BDW, very little is known of Illease's childhood, other than that he recieved a formal education at Uliah Redease's School for Greater Nullian Education in Hure, Jii Provinde, Nulia.

Records from his school document him as a bit of a troubled child, citing him on seven different occasions for vandalism and bullying on schoolgrounds. Despite this, Academically, He was extremely determined and successful, and he was recruited as an apprentice to the Port MasterSer'ee Are're at the young age of seventeen. He succeeded Are're four years later when he perished in a boating accident.

Justice to the Scarlet Thief

In the late summer of 752BDW, Illease gained knowledge of The Scarlet Theif taking up station in one of Jur'e Dock's Port Inns. As soon as he had verified that it was indeed the bandit, he immediately pursued the Theif, whom he chased four miles down river, and then killed and brought to local law enforcers. He recieved an Honorable Citation from the Nullian Counsel of Civilian and Militant Affairs, and graciously accepted the role of Local Enforcer of the Peace for his ports as well as the small neighboring town of Wer'ee.

Death And Legacy

Jrunn died of old age in 698BDW. Hundreds of local citizens and many other impressed sailors and seamen attended his funeral, and his name is often used in idioms having to do with saavy sailors (ex. "Sailing like Jrunn" "Jrunnworthy" etc.)