Nethereigons Political Province Map

A Basic Map of the Nethereigons

The Nethereigons is the largest Continent on Ukhafland, And the most densley populated as well. It was discovered in 3,135BDW by Nullish Explorer, Grenggog Recador.


The Nethereigons has an extremely diverse climate depending on what area you are at. In the far north, There are tall mountains of ice and constant snowfall, but in the Southernmost reagons, It is humid and fertile the whole year round. Other interesting temperature Climates include the Uliah Province, where there are truly four seasons, and the Dovia Province, where the weather changes at total random for no apparent reason whatsoever.


The Nethereigons was first divided into provinces by Ittle Hangare in 88,004BDW. At first, there were twenty-six provinces. That number later grew to thirty one, including:

Rendera Province

Duliax Province

Grenggog Province

New Nullia Province

Zern Province

Eckele Province

Dovia Province

Domm Province

Wolff Province

Yultede Provence

Surn Province

Mackel Province

Rane Province

Uliah Province

Vroen Province

Gled Province

Bre Province

Jenn Province

Del Province

Slue Province

Faddew Province

Wells Province

Trens Province

Lew Province

Quince Province

Recle Province

Dero Province

Olias Province

Foez Province

Erz Province

Hyde Province