Phellep Edwurd Rutt (37 BDW-100ADW) was an active player in the Domm/Wolff War, noted for having fought for both Domm and Wolff at different points in the conflict. He is also well known for sparking the Revolutionary Era against Wiquens Domm II's communal policies.

Early Life

Phellep was born in New Axandria, Foez Province in early spring, 37 BDW. He was the son of two powerfull smugglers called Jackson and Jillian Rutt. At the young age of three, Rutt's parents were captured by the local Hippie Militia.. Phellep was put into the custody of Crepp Blakburnn, a black magician in the area.

Phellep soon aquired a firm handle on the Black Magic trade, Reffered to by many as Blakburnn's Prodige. Eventually, he graduated from Blakburnns training, becomig a Journeyman in Black Magic.