Ulia Domm (3,135BDW-2,885BDW) was the son of statesman Wiquens Domm and his wife Galatia Domm, and was the first in the Domm line to be born in the Nethereigons, as well as the first ruler of the Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons

Early Life

Ulia Domm was born in modern day Grenggog Province, Nethereigons. He was born during the settlement of the Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons.

His father was a wealthy statesman who was under the employment of Grenggog Recador, Who had discovered the continent the year of Ulia's birth.

He spent his early childhood indoors, away from the harsh weather conditions of Grenggog. At age seven, he began his informal education, Taught mostly trivial knowledge by his father. Over time, however, he learned how to govern an area by his fathers example during the Dividend Dispute of 3,052BDW.

Becoming A Ruler

At the time of his fathers death in 2,111BDW, Domm was called upon to replace him as the ruler of the Grenggog Province. He was later ordered by Gerard Recador to migrate west and colonize a new province, the Domm Province.

He crafted his new province into the Nethereigon's northern superpower, and was elected to rule the Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons as a whole at the time of Gerard Recador's death in 3,390BDW.

As the leader of the Northern Dividend, he contended for peace with the Southern Dividend, led by Trens Wolff.