The Uliah Province is one of the prominent provinces of the Northern Dividend. It is located just south-east of Domm Province


The province was established in 3,002BDW, and named after the first Domm born in the Nethereigons, Ulia Domm. The 'H' in Uliah was not originally there, but has been formally added to the name of the province since.

The province started out as a territory that Ulia Domm and his company of settlers crossed through on their way to modern day Domm Province. They left a small colony of settlers there to utilize the fertile farmland of the area, and before long, the territory was large enough to be considered a Province.


Uliah has almost always been allied with its neighbor, the Domm Province, and was always part of the Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons untill the end of the Domm/Wolff War, when the Northern and Southern Dividends dissolved into the United Nethereigons.

Uliah is a democratic republic with a strong monarch figure. The monarch is reffered to as the Prophet of Uliah.