This article is about the statesman Wiquens Domm I.

For the son of Greggor Domm II, See Wiquens Domm II.

Wiquens Domm (3,203BDW-2,892BDW) was a Nullian statesman who helped Gringogg Recador settle the Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons and who's son began the Domm Ruling Line.

Early Life

Domm was born in Svvens Province, Nullia in 3,203BDW to a poor farming family in the small community, Farmingtown. He was the oldest of three children, Himself, Welie Domm, and Greggor Domm I. His parents were Claud Domm and Resene Domm.

He had no formal education, but learned much about government from personal interest, and eventually became the governor of Svvens Province. While he was governor, he met and soon married Galatia Reeves.

He held the position until earl 3,135BDW, when Grenggog Recador recruited him to join his expidition to colonize the newfound Nethereigons.