This article is about the son of Greggor Domm II.

For the esteemed statesman, See Wiquens Domm.

Wiquens Domm II (46BDW-301ADW) was the son of the famous leader Greggor Domm II. He is best known for establishing the United Nethereigons Front, which many accredit to have started the Revolutionary Era.

Early Life

Wiquens Domm II was born in a time of great political tension between his fathers kingdom, The Northern Dividend of the Nethereigons, and that of Heth Wolff's, The Southern Dividend of the Nethereigons.

When he was 43 years of age, the Domm/Wolff war broke out. He fought as his father's main war general, and led Domm's 1rst, 3rd, and 5th Hobo Battalions in many battles between 0ADW and 7ADW. He was a military genius, and won many battles for the Northern Dividend.

Taking Over

At the time of his father's death ( ) Wiquens was crowned as the new leader of the United Nethereigons. He quickly implemented several changes to his father's rule, and soon earned many critics, perhaps most importantly, Phellep Edwurd Rutt.

His new policies were far more communistic than Greggor Domm's, and, as a result, rebelion boiled up around 98ADW, led mostly by Rutt.